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  • 1494 cards found for Valentines

Be My Valentine Forever.

A cute card to express your love...

You Made My World A...

Words from the heart for your love.

If I Had One Wish...

A cute card to show your right emotions!

My Love You Are Special To Me.

I wanna say that how special you are... And I am in love with you.

Love You Mom!

You have bugged her at times, yet loved her always. Express yourself to your...

Four Things I Wanna Do..

Let your sweetheart know what your intentions are through this ecard.

The Best Place In The World...

A romantic message for your beloved.

Please Don’t Break My...

Send this to the one you love and let him/ her have your heart!

Last Breath To Say I Love You!

Message for the love of your life.

To Say My Love!

An emotional card to express your love to your beloved!

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